Upon completion these courses you will

 Have the management knowledge and skills to deal with new challenges, to identify new market opportunities

 Manage new processes and to change mindsets to cope with this dynamic digital revolution

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Campus: Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands

From digital transformation, digital entrepreneurship, big data, cyber-security, online retailing to industry 4.0, the digital age is having an ever-increasing impact on how we live and work.

The Digital Economy MBA specialization offers courses in:

In the last three years, online retail sales in Europe have consistently grown more than 15% per annum, indicating that the web is becoming an increasing part of our daily shopping experience. However, to be successful in offering products and services online requires specific business skills. The internet provides a wealth of opportunities, but also incorporates risks for organizations which need to be understood and controlled. In this course, you will learn about the factors driving the performance of your web shop, deepen your understanding of the role of logistics and customer support in E-Fulfillment, and learn about financial performance indicators as well as develop effective digital marketing strategies.

Big data is being generated by everything around us, continuously and in every sector and function in the global economy. It comes from multiple sources, in a variety of formats and arrives in both high volume and high velocity. Being able to use this vast resource will help you make effective strategic decisions. This course looks at where we can find data, how we can transform it and how we can use it in the decision-making process. You will gain insight and knowledge in how big data creates value through making information transparent. This allows you to make better decisions concerning efficiency, performance and risk management. It provides for better market segmentation and allow firms to better tailor products to consumer needs, as well as providing essential information for the next generation of products.

Our increasing usage of online information systems for everyday business activities, means that more and more businesses are holding valuable information digitally either on local servers or in the cloud. This high level of digital interactivity demands the need for increased digital information security, namely cybersecurity. In this course you will learn how to anticipate, deter, detect and resist cyber-attacks on digital assets and activities. You will learn about the core knowledge and skills in how an organization can protect its valuable information assets and systems from identity theft, scams, fraud and attacks. Strategic planning and ethically concerns also form a core part of the discussion.

Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution, has become a central point of discussion for today’s business leaders. With the increases in digitization and automation, we see radical developments in interconnectivity that affect both professional and personal worlds. Managing at the interface where man meets machine is becoming blurred, and requires business leaders to embrace new perspectives and react to new opportunities. This course looks at how business is being affected by automation and the use of robots in production processes, cyber-physical systems (such as medical monitoring or process control systems), the internet of things (the inter-networking of physical devices) and cloud computing (whereby the internet allows to shared computer processing resources as well data with other devices on demand).

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Benefit from MSM global community and enjoy unlimited network opportunities:

The 2-week specialization module at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) - the Netherlands- takes place each year in June/ July. This specialization weeks in Maastricht bringing together all students from MSM on-campus MBA programs, the online MBA and participants from MSM's Global partner Network to jointly follow the specialization courses. This provides students a unique opportunities to interact with more students coming from all corners of the world and from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. An ideal chance to further expand your network.

Deepen your knowledge through the interactive format

The 4 interactive courses that dive deeper into specific topics will give a competitive edge in your career. Company visits, guest lectures, case studies and group discussions are all part of the interactive set-up of these courses to ensure maximum application of knowledge