MSM MBA & EuroCham Seminar


05 June 2019

On the 4th June 2019, MSM MBA Program in collaboration with EuroCham Vietnam organized the seminar "THE MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS OF IoT CONNECTIVITY THAT WILL SHAPE INDUSTRIES AND MARKETS" to provide the attendees with the new industrial revolution - IoT (Internet of Things) which will soon become the standard in nearly every industry. Consumers expect new experiences that are intuitive, helpful and exciting. It's up to how fast innovators and disruptors develop new technologies and get them to market. As a result, more disruptions have happened in industries and markets. People see how FinTech, Retailtech, Edtech, Agtech, and change the way customers consume, businesses trade, and companies manufacture.

The event attracted nearly 30 participants from businesses who joined to discuss on this new trend of the world. The seminar began with interesting presentation from Prof. Andreas Antonopoulos, PhD. - MSM Faculty in Entrepreneurship & the Rector of NY University of Praque. IOT will have widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025, when most major cities will have 1 million connected sensors per square km.

Following the presentations were the panel discussions between Prof. Andreas Antonopoulos, Mr. Diep The Anh (ACBS Deputy General Director - MSM MBA Alumni Intake 14) and attendees. Many interesting questions were raised to the speakers and the attendees also shared fascinating cases from their companies.

It was a successful event which gave the attendees insights and knowledge of the development of IoT. We would like to thanks the attendees for coming to this event, and also our speakers Prof. Andreas Antonopoulos and Mr. Diep The Anh for giving these informative sharings.

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⇒ Event content: IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept meaning that anything could support the connection of things


Below are the pictures of the events

MSM MBA & EuroCham Seminar on 4th June 2019

MSM MBA Program

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