Multinational Strategic Management

Campus: HCMC University of Technology, Vietnam

The MBA specialization in Multinational Strategic Management provides students with conceptual,  practical management tools for managing a corporation effectively in today's globally competitive environment.

The specialization offers courses in:

This course takes a deep dive into challenges embracing business in digital age that demands for significant changes in the strategy development and execution process. The students will have a chance to look back all strategic management process from competitive positioning, competitor analyses, and strategic agility to corporate strategy, sustainability, and innovation and implementation to emerge with a framework for capturing market opportunities, determining the moves of industry competitors, and harnessing firm's resources to build and secure a strategic competitive advantage.

The emerging of digital technologies does not only provide business managers with new marketing tools but also changes the paradigm of modern marketing being enriched by big data and mass personalization of customer behavior. Business managers need to master the new marketing tools and to change their marketing approaches in order to be competitive in the digital age. This course covers the use of digital marketing tools and techniques such as websites, display advertising, content marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing. The marketing approach in the course is data-driven.

This course aims to discuss why aligning strategies with positive social outcomes can strengthen and sustain your competitive advantage. The course discusses strategies in various perspectives: key issues and drivers for long-term growth; real meaning of international competitiveness; key concepts of business strategy and in entrepreneurship; significance of uncertainty in business and in life and useful ways to deal with it; cognitive biases and ways to deal with them; design thinking and agile methodology; philosophical ideas for success and meaning in business and life.

Corporate governance enhances trust, transparency, accountability to foster long-term investment and generate higher corporate values, which bring in financial stability for stronger and more sustainable growth. The objective of the course is also to help prepare corporate leaders with capabilities to fulfill their fiduciary duties of care and loyalty to the organizations, the shareholders and other stakeholders that they will serve as corporate managers and as corporate directors.

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