Frequently Asked & Questions

Frequently Asked & Questions

MBA training is absolutely vital. Managers with an MBA will perform better, go further and earn more than those without it. An MBA graduate would have an international view in doing business and a powerful mix of business skills and theory that gives MBA managers a special edge.

Multi-national companies are seeking for qualified MBA graduates from recognized international schools for their business.
MSM-MBA provides students with a perfect study environment, standard classrooms and facilities.

The big difference between MSM MBA and other MBAs is that students who have completed the MSM MBA Program in Vietnam – will get the SAME MBA DEGREE (with 4 global accreditations) awarded in all of Maastricht School of Management programs worldwide.

There is a discount policy for applicants who are MSM MBA alumni’s family members and friends, Bach Khoa University’s alumni and for a group of applicants from the same company or the same family. 

Those who do not successfully complete a course or those who fail an exam twice will have to repeat the course and pay a full tuition fee for that course.

We welcome all applicants with a variety of professional and academic background no matter what your professional and academic background is. We will consider your professional experience and past performance when assessing your application.

The MSM MBA Program recruits one intake starting from March each year. The MBA course starts in October.

Participants can choose one among 7 specializations such as: (1) MBA in Multinational Strategic Management(2) MBA in Healthcare Management(3) MBA in Entrepreneurship; (4) MBA in International Business & Sustainable Development; (5) MBA in Accounting and Finance; (6) MBA in Supply Chain Management; (7) MBA in The Digital Economy. For the Multinational Strategic Management specialization, students complete all courses and a Master Thesis totally in HCMC. For the others, students will take 14 core courses and a Master Thesis in HCMC and 4 specialization courses in Maastricht, the Netherlands.