Coffee Talk #23

Disruptive thinking for successful leadership

Maastricht MBA Vietnam (MSM MBA) and ManpowerGroup Vietnam co-organized a seminar at Toong Co-working Space in HCMC on July 1 to look into disruptive thinking, an important factor for the quick and disruptive changing environment.

During the “Disruptive Thinking for Successful Leadership” seminar, Professor Geert W.J. Heling at the MSM MBA Program and Huong Nguyen, Country HR Manager of ManpowerGroup Vietnam, discussed the definition of disruptive thinking, how to make practical applications in one’s career and personal life, and how to effectively apply disruptive thinking to practical leadership and management.

They also unveiled techniques and tips to stimulate disruptive thinking and successfully lead change in organizations.

According to Professor Geert W.J. Heling, disruptive thinking is about actively thinking in different or even reverse ways, seeing things from a different perspective, and getting a new larger picture.

To allow disruptive thinking to lead to successful change, individuals should be ready for change and prepared to lead change. Leaders should also facilitate change, and be opened to disruptive thinking.

Around 45% of global employers are struggling to fill open jobs because they cannot find the skills they need, Huong Nguyen said, citing the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2018.

Within the business context, disruptive thinking is a new concept that business leaders should apply to successfully lead their organizations in a changing world.

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