MSM MBA Coffee Talk #30

for Organizational Development in Agile World of Business

01 July 2019
MSM MBA Vietnam

On the 30th June 2019, the Coffee Talk #30 was held by MSM MBA with the topic "PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION for Organizational Development in Agile World of Business". The seminar discussed more insights about personal transformation and development, an important key for organizational success in an agile world of business. It welcomed nearly 80 attendees including MSM faculty, MSM alumni & students, staffs & managers of all levels from many companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Coffee Talk began with an interesting presentation from Prof. Stephanie Jones - a favourite MSM Faculty in Organizational Behavior. According to Prof. Jones, with the fact that the technology is changing so fast, each individual in an organization must keep himself up to date with the new technologies; and all members of a company must understand what are happening inside the organization and what their competitors are doing. As a professor and consultant in organizational behavior and managing cultural diversity for over 20 years, Prof. Jones also shared some guidelines for smart behavior and key factors for personal transformation to be more successful in an organization. 

Following the presentations were the discussions among speaker and attendees. Many interesting questions were raised to the speakers and the attendees also shared fascinating cases from their own experiences.

It was a successful event which gave the attendees insights and knowledge of personal transformation and development. We would like to thank the attendees for coming to this event, and also our speakers Prof. Stephanie Jones for giving these informative sharings.

MSM MBA Coffee Talk 30: Personal Transformation for Organizational Development in  Agile World of Business

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