MSM MBA Coffee Talk #28

A Critical Trend for Business Success

10 May 2019

On the 8th May 2019, MSM MBA held the Coffee Talk #28 with the topic "GREEN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - A Critical Trend for Business Success" to provide the attendees with the information regarding the important changes in the relation between Green human resource management and sustainable business development via human resource roles. The event welcomed nearly 80 attendees including MSM faculty, MSM alumni & students, staffs & managers of all levels from many companies.

The Coffee Talk began with interesting presentation from Prof. Geert Heling - MSM Faculty in Organizational Behavior. Prof. Heling presented the definition of green human resource management and the important role of human resources workforce in the sustainable business development. In the presentation, he also shared about the activities that applied for sustainable development and social responsibilities in big corporations and the future of sustainable business in Vietnam. As a senior consultant for over 20 years for multinational corporations, he suggested action plans for human resources to help create a healthy and value-driven work environment.

"As a contribution to this trend, MSM MBA has updated its curriculum and teaching methods to provide an energetic career development path to the executives to become an active member of executive work forces for Vietnamese and global corporations." - said by Dr. Nguyen Thu Hien - Director of MSM MBA Program.

Following the presentations were the discussions among the two speakers and attendees. Many interesting questions were raised to the speakers and the attendees also shared fascinating cases from their companies.

It was a successful event which gave the attendees insights and knowledge of Green human resource management. We would like to thank the attendees for coming to this event, and also our speakers Prof. Geert Heling for giving these informative sharings.

Coffee Talk #28: Green Human Resource Management - A Critical Trend for Business Success

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