Prof. Stephanie K. Jones Ph.D

Prof. Stephanie K. Jones Ph.D

MSM MBA Program


PhD from University College London

Professor at Maastricht School of Management.

She managed consulting and training businesses in the UK, Hongkong, Australia, Dubai, PRC and India

She was actively engaged  in writing and researching books and articles, author over 25 books in business and management, including: How to write MBA Thesis, Leadership Change and Responsibility, Managing Cultural Diversity, Nelson’s way- Leadership Lessons from the Great Commander (#9 best seller in UK), How to be Headhunter Across Europe; and journals in The Financial Times, The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph, The Economist and The Sunday Times…….

Lectures in Organizational Behavior Cell.

Lectures in: Leadership & Organizational Behavior; Management and Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Managing Cultural Diversity.