The short answer is because you have only one chance to earn an MBA, and you want to make the best choice possible. The Maastricht MBA is the right choice for professionals as it possesses following special features.


We are proud to possess a network of over 800 graduates and students who are professionally ...


We empower global business leaders with a modern and well-designed curriculum and courses that anticipate – ...


Started in 1998, MSM-MBA has been in operation between Ho Chi Minh City University of ...


Triple crown accreditations – AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE – is one of the most notable features of MSM-MBA program ...


Once you joined MSM-MBA VN, you could access all sorts of our networking activities. Come and check out them.


This event is organized for MSM Alumni, Students and beloved family members. ...


With the purpose of bringing all MSM-MBA VN (Maastricht MBA) members closer, ...


This event gives students a chance to visit an alumni company and ...


A range of outside class seminars with seperate topics in many fields, organized by MSM-MBA Program and ...


Not like any other MBA programs in Vietnam, MSM-MBA brings professors not from one university but from universities from multi-continents, who have lived, studied and worked in various countries around the world. They bring multi-cultural experiences of global business practices to the classroom. Lectures are from MSM (about 50%), and from well-known universities (about 50%) from USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Prof. Aad Van Mourik, PhD.

Specific areas of expertise are: Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Managerial Economics, and International Economic for Policy Issues. Course: Managerial Economics. PhD in economics from
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Prof. Geert W.J. Heiling, PhD.

Specific areas of expertise are: management effectiveness, team development, organizational culture, change management and cross-cultural management. Course: Managing Cultural Diversity. PhD in Behavioral Science
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Prof. Rudolf Grunig, PhD.

Specific areas of expertise are: Strategic Management, International market and Export Marketing, Marketing of Services, Marketing Management, Strategic in Emerging Multinationals. His
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Prof. Stephanie K. Jones Ph.D

Specific areas of expertise are: Management and Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Managing Cultural Diversity. Course: Managing Cultural Diversity, Leadership & Organizational Behavior PhD
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We are proud to possess a network of over 800 graduates and students who are professionally diversified and keeping KEY leading positions in MNCs and big local firms in Vietnam and around the world.

Mr. Truong Dat Nhan

While learning at MSM-MBA, I was the class monitor. Managing a class whose members are executives and managing large enterprises are interesting challenges, which helps me to improve leadership skills. I understand the way of thinking, working, and learning of talented and personality managers. After graduating at MSM-MBA, I was more entrusted and was given more regional management responsibility by the company. I’m really excited for forthcoming career development.

MSM-MBA Intake 17) / Country Sale Manager – Pemara Labels Vietnam.

Mr. Le Duc Hoa

Shortly after graduating from MSM-MBA, I had a long-term visa to work and live in Australia. MSM-MBA degree is a really good starting point for me in the review and evaluation of the Australian Consulate.

(MSM-CMBA Intake 16) / CEO – NSW EXIM TRADING PTY. LTD., Australia.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thoi

After graduated from MSM-MBA Program, I have more confidence in managing my cooperation and dealing with my business partners. I am glad that I took the opportunities to get the knowledge from this program; and I am proud of making friends with many successful alumni. Apart from the knowledge that I have learned, this program also helps me recognize that the precious character of the manager is CONSISTENCE..

(MSM-MBA Intake 15) / Chairman, United Education

Ms. Hoang Thi Xuan Thao

In MSM-MBA program, there are a lot of people who not only work in big MNCs, big local firms but also who are entrepreneurs. I realized that they are truly a pool of knowledge for me and other people to learn from. I actually got lot of helps from MSM-MBA classmates in starting my business.

(MSM-MBA Intake 14) / Founder of FAMILK

Mr. Diep The Anh

MSM-MBA has fulfilled my expectation to my professional development. The structure od the program and the contect of each topic are well-thought and presented in a way that can be reasonably business knowledge and skill stes together with my technocal experience to tackle both business opportunities and problems.

(MSM-MBA Intake 14) / Head of IT, HCMC Securities Corporation (HSC)

Mr. Ha Tuan Anh

Graduation from the MSM-MBA Program has indeed opened for me a world with plenty of career development opportunities that I could never imagine before. Getting a new and very good job which I am really enjoying at the moment is just one of many benefits the degree has brought to me. Partipating in this 2 year course means you have enriched yourself with more useful knowledge, better working and organizing skills and very omportantly a wider network of good friends who would become very helpful for your personal and professional development.

(MSM-MBA Intake 14) / National Sales Manager of Professionnel Priducts Division, L’Oreal Vietnam Inc.

Mr. Johnny Chen

I am very happy with my choice and consider MSM-MBA a continuous learning opportunity. I went "back to school" very often by attending MSM-MBA Coffee Talks every time they organize if I am not on business trip. I consider MSM-MBA a club for me, an expatriate in Vietnam. As an expatriate in Vietnam, I need a community to share my thinkings... as an executive, and…. as a friend.

(MSM-MBA Intake 13) / Country Sales Manager, Covestro Vietnam

Ms. Thieu Thi Nhat Le

MSM-MBA program provided me with not only very up to date and useful management knowledge, but also valuable opportunities to meet and work with experienced and dedicated professors as well as friendly classmates from diverse business background, through which I have learned so much for my career enhancement

(MSM-MBA Intake 11) / CEO & Director, Vietnam Asset Management Ltd.

Mr. Nguyen Phuong

Some people think that once they have a full-time job, they are not be able to go to school because their study will much interfere with their work. In fact, I think if we select relevant program for our career and develop a learning desire, we can overcome such obstacles to achieve in our educational journey

(MSM-MBA Intake 9) / General Manager, Gynocare (UK) Limited/Recalcine Pharmaceutical Corporation

Ms. Pham Thi My Lien

MSM-MBA is a challenging & interesting program that discusses a wide variety of business topics and helps you apply them to your career. To develop successfully a new generation of young, dynamic & diversify leaders, GSK would offer the best training profile for our talents and we have believed in the quality of MSM-MBA program

(MSM-MBA Intake 9) / Managing Director, GSK Vietnam.

Ms. Luu Thi Minh Hang

The MSM-MBA Program is very practical in providing students with modern business knowledge and tools. Participants can benefit not only from the qualified and experienced faculty but also from their classmates. However, students need to invest much to get the highest return from the program.

(MSM-MBA Intake 5) / General Director, Interpharma Manufacturing Vietnam Ltd.

Mr. Jean-Pierre C.L Bousquet

MSM-MBA Program has the kind of essential managerial and financial concept and tools that help make more sense and take advantage of today’s complex competitive arena.

(MSM-MBA Intake 3) / General Manager, Cowan Asia Rep. Office.

Mr. Pham Ngoc An

I had the opportunities to learn new concepts and best practices from professors who had strong academic backgrounds and rich business experiences.

(MSM-MBA Intake 9) / Supply Chain Manager, Friesland Campina

Ms. Nguyen Le Xuan

MSM-MBA provides a valuable insight into key issues of business management. It inspires much creativity, confidence and enthusiasm in me and broadens my business relationship

(MSM-MBA Intake 6) / Deputy Representative, National Bank of Kuwait

Dr. Beat Wafler

MSM-MBA  provides high quality lecturing and a convenient schedule to study, two important criteria for people who have to worl fulltime.

(MSM-MBA Intake 4) / Consul General (hon), Consulate of Switzerland.

Mr. Bui Minh Tien

This program is really an international program but made in Vietnam with a very reasonable tuition fees.

(MSM-MBA Intake 3) / Chairman of Board, Petro Vietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh

MSM-MBA (Maastricht MBA) is a great program. It provides tool for managers to grow and organizations to expand.

(MSM-MBA Intake 1) / Chairman, Vietnam Airline Corporation












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